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Kid’s Choice Combo


Our all-time bestsellers for kids! This combo consists of the kids’ favourite choices. Order this combo now to overwhelm your kid and bring a smile on their face!
*FREE 1x Cartoon Bowl (random colour, while stocks last)

Package included:
1* Homemade Chicken Nugget (±500gm)
1* Marshmallow Bun (±45-50pcs)
1* Handmade Unicorn Noodles (±400gm)
1* Homemade Luncheon Meat (±420gm)
1* Healthy Cartoon Fish Cake (±300gm)
1* Carbonara Sauce (±280gm)
1* Imported Potato Tots (±500gm)


**Excluded from Z-Coin entitlement**

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Weight 2730 g


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