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Homemade Fried Chicken Powder (±500g)


Fried chicken is one of the popular food loved by all of us. With our premix, you can now cook deliciously crunchy and aromatic fried chicken in a few easy steps.

Ingredients: Plain Flour, Corn Flour, Rice Flour, Salt, Chilli Powder, Pepper Powder, Turmeric Powder, Mixed Herbs


Cooking Method:
1) Place 1.6kg chicken in a bowl, add some water.
2) Add 100g fried chicken powder and 1 tsp salt.
3) Mix well. Set aside for 40 mins.
4) Put the chicken into another bowl, add in 1 egg.
5) Heat the oil to 170c – 200c. Put the chicken into the fried chicken powder mixture and mix well.
6) Fry the coated chicken for about 8-10 mins.
Storage: Avoid exposure to heat. Store in a cool dry place up to 3 months.

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