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    Japanese Gyoza Set


    Set included:
    1 x Pork with Spring Onion (12pcs)
    1 x Pork with Chives (12pcs)

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    Beverage Set


    Set included:
    1 x Organic Soya Ginger Drink (15 sachets)
    1 x Jujube Ginger Drink (15 sachets)

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    Honey Set


    Set included:
    2 x Coconut Flower Honey (±330ml)

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    Chicken Floss Set


    Set included:
    1 x Signature Chicken Floss (±150g)
    1 x Seaweed Sesame Chicken Floss (±150g)
    1 x Salted Egg Chicken Floss (±150g)

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    Condiments Set


    Set included:
    1 x Garlic Dried Shrimp Chilli Sambal (±190g)
    1 x Spicy Garlic Chilli Sambal (±190g)

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  • Satay Celup Steamboat Combo


    A new idea of what steamboat can be now with our Homemade Satay Celup! Best match with Zoey’s Homemade Luncheon Meat, Seafood Tofu, Fried Fish Ball, Homemade Pork Ball & Fu-Zhok (Beancurd) and simply dunk into the boiling pot of peanut sauce gravy. The spiciness and sweetness is just right.

    FREE 1x Double-Layer Drain Basket *While stocks last / Photos for illustration purpose only

    Package Included:
    1* Homemade Satay Celup Sauce (±500gm)
    1* Homemade Pork Ball (±500gm)
    1* Fried Fish Ball (±280gm)
    1* Handmade Seafood Tofu (±400gm)
    1* Homemade Luncheon Meat (±420gm)
    1* Homemade Fish Paste Beancurd (±320gm)

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    You can get to try 3 different flavors of bao in this bundle set. Handmade with love with quality low sugar fillings, this is definitely your greatest choice for breakfast or snack.

    Package choices of :

    • HK Style Char Siew Bun (6pcs)
    • Purple Sweet Potatoes Bun (6pcs)
    • Pumpkin Red Bean Bun (6pcs)
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  • Pork Ribeye Set @ RM100


    Imported pork ribeye from Spain which is a cap of marbled dark meat, tenderloin and buttery charred fat on the bone. Premium recipes by ANTE Restaurant – Award Winning KL’s Premier Pork Steak Restaurant.

    Package choices of:

    • Signature BBQ
    • Black Pepper
    • Rosemary Garlic
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  • Swedish Meatballs & Carbonara Sauce Set


    Bundle of 3 items:
    Package consists of:

    • Swedish Meatballs (Bacon) x 1 (500g)
    • Swedish Meatballs (Italian Herbs) x 1 (500g)
    • Homemade Carbonara Sauce x 1 (280g)
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  • 10 MINS CONVENIENT SET (Suitable for 2-3 portion)


    Need to whip up a quick meal after a long day of work? Here is a good choice for you.
    Just steam it for 10 minutes and your dinner is ready to be served. (Each pack suitable for 2-3 portion)

    Package with choices of :

    • Minced Pork Patties
    • Salted Egg Minced Pork Patties
    • Taiwanese Braised Pork
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  • Taste of Japan II @RM79


    This set is kid friendly and easy to prepare. Let’s start the Japanese feast at home today!
    FREE* Imported Dried Wakame (30gm) (while stocks last)

    Package included:
    2 x Organic Ramen Noodles (2 x 200gm)
    2 x Miso Soup Base (200gm)
    1 x Japanese Gyoza – Pork & Chives (12pcs)
    1 x Japanese Gyoza – Pork & Spring Onion (12pcs)

    Organic Ramen Noodles ingredients: Organic Wheat Flour, Salt, Filtered Water

    Miso Soup Base ingredients: Miso, Bonito Flake, Natural Chicken Stock, Anchovy, Squid, Yeast Extract, Vinegar Powder, Soy Sauce, Pepper, Sugar, Salt

    Japanese Gyoza ingredients: Pork, Chives/Spring Onion, Sengkuang, Sesame Oil, Pepper, Soy Sauce, Sugar, Salt


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  • Marinara & Swedish Meatball Pasta Set


    Serve up these mouth-watering Swedish meatballs in our homemade rich marinara sauce pair with our veggie pasta of your choice. An excellent weeknight meal.

    Bundle of 3 items:
    Package consists of:

    • Swedish Meatball (Original) x 1 (500g)
    • Homemade Marinara Sauce x 1 (420g)

    with Pasta shape choices (Choose one of the items below):

    • Spiral Shape Veggie Pasta
    • Tube Shape Veggie Pasta
    • Shell Shape Veggie Pasta
    • Rice Shape Veggie Pasta
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  • Swedish Meatballs Combo @ RM125


    *Keto-Friendly & Kid-Friendly*
    Get this combo now and you can prepare the popular Swedish meatballs meal in just 30 minutes!

    FREE* Mini Soft Bun (6pcs)

    Package Included:
    1* Swedish Meatballs – Original (500gm)
    1* Swedish Meatballs – Bacon & Cheese (500gm)
    1* Swedish Meatballs – Italian Herbs (500gm)
    1* Handmade Unicorn Noodles (400gm)
    1* Homemade Marinara Sauce (420gm)
    1* Homemade Carbonara Sauce (280gm)

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  • Sweet & Sour Pork Set


    Mix this fried pork slices with Zoey’s sweet & sour sauce to make up the popular dish “gu lou yuk”.
    (Suitable for 3-4 portion)

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  • Japanese Curry Launch Promo


    This set comes with the sweet and savory Japanese Curry Paste and Crispy Chicken Katsu. It is kid friendly and easy to prepare. Let’s start the Japanese feast at home!
    *FREE 1x Cartoon Shape Rice Mould (random shape, while stocks last)

    Package included:
    1 x Crispy Chicken Katsu (4-5pcs)
    2 x Japanese Curry Paste (7-8 servings)

    Japanese Curry Paste ingredients: Onion, Palm Oil, Tomato Paste, Apricot Jam, Carrot, Honey, Potato Starch, Garlic, Chicken Stock, Salt, Yeast Extract, Turmeric, Ginger, Bay Leaf, Nutmeg Powder, Halba, Pepper, Chilli Powder, Spices, Cardamon, Vinegar Powder

    Crispy Chicken Katsu ingredients: Fresh Chicken Breast, Bread Crumbs, Egg, Corn Flour, Salt, Pepper

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  • Luncheon Meat Promo Set (3 Flavours)


    Exclusive promo for luncheon meat lovers. Enjoy 3 different variations of this healthy version:
    Original – healthiest and highest % of meat content
    Cheese – imported cheese from Germany
    Otak-Otak – fragrant, spicy and smooth fish paste of Muar Otak-Otak

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